Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"The Weed of Crime Bears Bitter Fruit...."

Come on out to "First Friday" July 3rd at Brave New Worlds Comics at 45 N. 2nd street in Olde City, Philadelphia to help us celebrate the "Golden Age of Comics and Animation"...
Even though "The Shadow" made his claim to fame mainly as a radio show, he did eventually find his way to "pulps" and comic books, therefore making him fair game to pay homage to for this show.

The 1994 film aside, "The Shadow" celebrates quite a long and respected history as one of the first "Mystery Men" to capture the imagination of many a young fan, even inspiring the creators of such popular characters as the Batman, and the Green Hornet...


IAN said...

really awesome... i love that he has no head! and amazing color scheme... wooooooo!

T. Perran Mitchell said...

Awesome shadow, hey what time does the show start? Is it 6 like the other ones? We are getting some dinner before hand down the street if you are interested.

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