Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Oh my darling, can't you see..."

Howdy folks,
Just popping in to show off a new piece that I just finished for an upcoming show called "80s POP!" that will be taking place in Olde City, Philly this coming first Friday, June 5th at Brave New Worlds Comics on 2nd between Market and Arch streets.

I hope I'm not dating myself by my choice in subject matter, but I remembered how enthralled I was by this new show that was on MTV (back when it had cool programming) that I would have to sneak downstairs late Sunday nights with the volume down low so my folks wouldn't wake up and scream at me for watching TV at some ungodly hour (I think it was 11:00, but I guess my folks went to sleep early...)

Anyway, over 20 years later, I am still fascinated not only by the 4 lads from Scumbag College, but British Comedy in general (which explains my "Man-Crush" on Simon Pegg, more on that later....)