Monday, December 11, 2006

Marty Nodell 1915-2006

Marty Nodell, the creator of the Golden Age Green Lantern passed away this weekend at the age of 91. I don't have anything to say that won't be said by other people, being said better by them than I could ever hope to. I only met Marty briefly in "artist alley" at a convention a few years ago, but have been inspired by his greatest creation my entire life. I am reposting an image that was created by Jeff Kilpatrick and myself that I finally sent it to Marty a few months ago. Being that Marty was born and raised in Philadelphia, we thought that we would honor Marty with our own little tribute on behalf of ourselves and the other members of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society.

Rest in Peace, Marty. You have inspired us all...


Winston said...

I know he was an idol of yours. In addition to being the creator of Alan Scott (and the Pilsbury Doughboy) he was also a nice fellow which is ultimately all that I would like someone to say about me when my time comes.
Rest in peace, Marty.

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