Sunday, January 29, 2006

My grand debut....

Finally, I have begun my journey into the technological paradise that is the 21st century... After an all too brief visit with friends in Hoboken, NJ (Sorry, Matt...) I return home to find that my new blog has been created (Thanks, Matt!)

Check in often for sketches, complete illustrations, rants, raves, and reviews of anything and everything having to do with pop-culture: Movies, Music, Comics, Cartoons, whatever....

The above post came about as a result of helping out a buddy with putting a cover together for his upcoming 'zine "Free 4 All", and being rewarded by the aforementioned friend with a full page to do whatever I wanted with it... Upon completing the finished black and white image (If it was printed in full color, it would be a magazine), I heared this thing screaming for color (it was screaming, I heard it!). So a few hours and a hand full of prismacolor markers later, this baby popped out...


Algorithm said...

Many congratulations on your first steps into the blogosphere. I am looking forward to seeing how awesome your site is going to be, and of course, will love seeing you share your wonderful work with the world!

Good luck with everything, give me a call on the usual batphone number if you need anything.

Matt From Algorithm NYC

Iron-Cow said...

Heya Scott!

Looks GREAT! I'll definitely be adding this to my daily morning breakfast routine... can't wait to see what else you're cooking up!

aka Iron-Cow

Jamar said...

Looking good man - keep your weight up!

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